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Apothecary CabinetApothecary Cabinet

In the days before pharmacy chains and mail-order prescription services, there was the local apothecary or pharmacist. This individual prepared all manner of remedies for ailments ranging from gout to mysterious fevers. And more often than not, he stored his antidotes in a cabinet very much like the one we've designed for you. Ours is great for storing all sorts of things. And it holds its own as a home accent piece, too. Measures 35¼" H x 33" W x 10¼" D.

Drop-Front Writing DeskDrop-Front Writing Desk

The best traditional desk designs always have offered a way to organize paperwork, and just as important, to keep any clutter out of sight when you're not working. This writing desk succeeds on both counts. Our version-built of pine and finished with a colorful stain-has a decidedly country flavor, but you can use hardwood and a different finish to create a look all your own. Measures 42" H x 34" W x 17" D.

Arts and Crafts Mission Day BedArts and Crafts Mission Day Bed

Ever found yourself in a predicament ... not having enough beds for your kids or friends when they stop by for an overnight visit? Like the idea of a day bed, but all you can find were either fancy brass or painted metal ones? We got the bed we really wanted by buying an inexpensive trundle bed, salvaging the mattress frames from it, and building a custom surround for them. Measures approximately 31" H x 77" W x 45" D.

Tomes BookcaseTowering Tomes Bookcase

Standing fully 7' tall, with six shelves (five of which adjust on standards and brackets), this stately walnut showcase has more than enough room for a librarian's ransom in books. Fluted face-frame stiles and rich cove molding at the top make it a natural for traditionally styled interiors. The bookcase is approximately 42" W x 16" D x 7' H.

Stackable BookcaseStackable Bookcase

WOOD has seen a great many bookcases in their travels around the country, but none more good-looking and versatile than this one. And should you ever have to relocate, you'll find the modular pieces making up the bookcase a breeze to take apart and reassemble. We even include instructions to build a four-high bookcase. The two-high bookcase measures approximately 28" H x 42" W x 12½" D.

Rolltop Writing DeskRolltop Writing Desk

WOOD receives dozens of letters a year from readers requesting plans for a rolltop desk. Unfortunately, most plans call for desks too massive for most homes and too complex for most busy woodworkers. With that in mind, Jim Downing, our design editor, came up with this gracefully elegant design. It won't overpower a room, yet still has a comfortable 24½ x 44" writing surface. Desk is approximately 41" H x 44" W x 25" D.

Butcher Block Kitchen Work CenterButcher Block Kitchen Work Center

Equally at home in a compact kitchen or as an auxiliary work center in a larger one, this butcher block will do its job beautifully wherever you place it. And because we constructed it with 1½" thick Maple and used spline-joint construction, it will serve you well for years. Measures approximately 24" x 24" x 34" H.

Applique Quilt RackAppliqué Quilt Rack

If you've got a friend or family member skilled at quilting, let them show off their work with this handsome display stand, or make one to display a quilt you bought. You can learn some great techniques building it, and even mimic a quilt's patchwork design with some cleverly cut geometry of your own. Shop-made dowels add a custom touch. The quilt stand measures 30" H x 10" D x 30" W.

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