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Building a Display ShelfBuilding a Display Shelf

Crown molding shelves are really easy to make if you have an accurate miter box and a sharp saw. Beyond these simple tools, all you need is a few pieces of lumberyard molding and a little imagination. This project alone is a great reason to buy a topnotch mitering tool one you can rely on for years ... » more

Building a Better BirdhouseBuilding a Better Birdhouse

Here's a residential construction project you can complete in a few hours and enjoy for years. It's a great opportunity to work with your kids, and you'll probably find all the lumber you need in your pile of scraps. No power tools? ... No problem! Basic hand tools will do just fine. Best of all, we give you the critical dimensions you need to build a house where birds will feel at home ... » more

How to Build a Basic FenceHow to Build a Basic Fence

It's fun to build a fence. You're out in the fresh air, the project goes quickly, and it gives you a chance to gab with your neighbors. Our basic design sets the boards inside the posts, so both sides look equally good, which your neighbors will appreciate especially if the fence is near the property line. Add lattice to the top of our basic design, and you get a fence that's downright elegant ... » more

Building a Basic WorkbenchBuilding a Basic Workbench

What makes a good workbench? First, it should be strong and sturdy. The top should be thick enough to withstand pounding and large enough to handle everything from cabinets to lawn mowers. It should be level and flat so any assembly you do on it will be accurate. It should be the right height for you to stand and work comfortably ... » more

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